Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dressup Winners!

Two of my favorite people... without guile and full of love! My life is so much fuller and richer because of my association with them.. I am so blessed

Wolsey sisters

You go Sisters..... I think I see Brenda, Teresa, Densie, Jeanine.... which is which?

Annie with Great Grandma & Grandpa Wolsey

I am so lucky to have Great Grandparents!

My first haircut

I can stay still for 2.5 seconds so you better be fast! Could my bangs be straight and not zig zagged?

Whitneys birthday party

Here we are all together to celebrate Whitneys birthday. The Steeds were also able to join in the fun. We were able to have all of our kids there. It was great. Nate's birthday was just one week later. That weekend Mark was able to ordain Nate to the office of a high priest. He was sustained as a councillor to the Bishop that Sunday ( January 31, 2010).
It was a great day. How fortunate to have worthy priesthood holders in our family.

Visit to Grandma & Grandpas

Man this is the life.... me and gramps in the hot tub... doesn't get any better.... hey grandma where are the lemonades?
Here are a couple of birdie legs!! What did they do with the chicken? Love these legs.....